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We serve delicious breakfast and lunch.


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Corner Caf is our go to "we don't feel like eating the lunch we brought/we forgot lunch" place for work. We always feign like we might order somewhere else, but invariably we get Corner Caf. The staff can recognize our number now. Between the office, we've ordered burgers, shrimp, fries, smoothies, salads, wraps, and dessert--everything is always delicious, and the orders have only been inaccurate once [a very minor one; ketchup on a sandwich instead of on the side].

It's also conveniently on the corner of the shopping center where it's located. Go figure. 5/5, will forever order again.


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These guys are absolutely amazing. Food arrives HOT and steaming in the containers and it's some of the best I've ever had. Lived in Annapolis my whole life and never had delivery from here before I started working in the area - got hungry and was stuck in the office and these saviors showed up with yummy food. SO HAPPY. Thank you for continually saving my bacon (literally and figuratively), Corner Cafe!!!


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Food was on time and packaged very neatly and nicely. . Order was correct with all condiments, napkins and utensils. It was perfect. Only thing I would say is the tuna sandwich was a little pricey for what you get. So I wouldn't order that again. But the chicken tenders with fries and the cheese steak with fries were great!


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Ordered for lunch and dinner, so I got a hamburger and the Kale and mango salad and carrot cake. It was all fabulous. The burger was like homemade. Fries were steak fries and they were still hot when delivered. Salad was excellent and carrot cake was hard to I didn't. ordering again today.


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A life saver...couldn't get out and w/o a kitchen. I was starving and I probably would've eaten anything, but I'm glad I didn't have to. I got a make-my-own salad, and it was surprisingly fresh. And enough for two (but I ate it all). I'll definitely be ordering in again when I can't get out.

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1 review
Good food, good service, great prices, delivered to the hospital where I was staying with my son while he was recovering from surgery.

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